September 30, 2019

How to Predict your Next Sale Using Segment and EPICA.

How to Predict your Next Sale Using Segment and EPICA.


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How to Predict your Next Sale Using Segment and EPICA.

EPICA gives companies the power to fully understand a consumer through sophisticated AI and Machine Learning. With all collected data, the system generates predictions that can then be activated through different channels.

Sophia’s proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms fully capture each consumer’s likes, preferences, and behavior. Sophia provides omnichannel data consolidation - which allows a company to have a single profile for each customer, regardless of the number of points of contact with your company. EPICA can then consolidate all online and offline data across channels and generate a single view of a consumer. EPICA’s ML algorithms analyze user behavior, detects patterns, and calculates purchase prediction scores to reveal the products a customer is most likely to purchase next. Product recommendations can then be presented via widgets throughout an e-commerce site, increasing the exposure of those products that have high purchase prediction scores.

EPICA collects data directly from Segment including page views, product views, orders completed and any other events tracked by Segment. This data is then transferred automatically to EPICA’s data platform where the data is processed with Machine Learning algorithms to create clusters based on detected patterns. The clusters and predictions are directly correlated with each company’s data strategic objectives. All predictive data outputs are returned to Segment so they can be activated through Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Website/App personalization, push notifications and other channels.

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