September 30, 2019

How to Do Smart Customer Segmentation with Segment and EPICA.

How to Do Smart Customer Segmentation with Segment and EPICA.


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How to Do Smart Customer Segmentation with Segment and EPICA.

EPICA improves smart customer segmentation by creating clusters that classify your users and customers based on future predicted behaviors as opposed to past actions. These clusters ultimately help you understand what will drive your customers in the future, so engagement is targeted and effective to the right customer at the right time.

EPICA’s cluster builder tool lets you use traits, categories, and events captured on your website to create and activate a customer segment. This tool is integrated into the EPICA Platform for quick and seamless implementation. The cluster builder allows you to select the type of user that you may want to target based on specific behaviors or traits.

The cluster builder tool lets you insert the name of the cluster, description, timeframe for captured data, tags to identify or group clusters, and identifiers, making the process of segmenting customers easier than ever before. The tool also has an option to create conditions allowing you to group users by their characteristics (aka filter, group, or choose several characteristics of a user). Ultimately, you can decide whether you want to target users who use mobile, desktop or tablet devices. You can also create a condition like: “users who use Mobile OR Desktop” or “users who use Mobile AND Desktop”, allowing you to create very specific conditions that improve smart customer segmentation. The cluster builder is continuously capturing information on your website. Additionally, you can select categories like Country, Connection Type, Web Browser, and more.

The cluster builder tool also helps you better understand your customer’s behaviors when you create an event. With this feature, you have a more granular view of your customer’s journey. You can track whether they viewed a category, clicked a button, applied a coupon, opened an email, and more. Your customers can be grouped into categories efficiently and ultimately be targeted to increase revenue while reducing churn.

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