October 23, 2018

EPICA’s Diego Paramo to Speak at Unbound Miami

EPICA’s Diego Paramo to Speak at Unbound Miami


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Unbound is an event series created to celebrate innovation around the world. Unbound festivals connect companies with tech, products and services in order to empower progress. This year, Unbound returns to Miami, FL, on October 30-31. The festival will showcase the best grassroots technology and the opportunities for innovation in South Florida, especially focusing on the position it holds in regard to Latin America.

Never ones to pass up amazing opportunities, EPICA’s Diego Paramo to Speak at Unbound Miami EPICA will be attending. Our very own Co-Founder, Diego Páramo, will speak in a panel titled: “Colombia: Entrepreneurship, Tech-Innovation and The Future Of The Orange Economy,” which will address how innovation, specifically prediction technology and artificial intelligence, can impact industries and boost creativity.

The Orange Economy is a book written by the current president of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez. The Orange Economy refers to cultural and creative industries, it encompasses architecture, film, digital services, design, music, technology, and much more. This type of economy is named after the color representing culture, creativity and identity used in ancient Egypt to decorate de tombs of pharaohs.

Diego has experience using data and AI to fuel creative industries with Google and with EPICA. This year, he worked on an EPICA project with Coca-Cola Mexico,EPICA’s Diego Paramo to Speak at Unbound Miami using data analysis to predict the results of different matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. These were then shared with the public via social media, through a matryoshka (Russian) doll animation called Kukla. She told viewers who, according to data, had a higher probability of winning each match. She could also predict more specific aspects of the game, like which players would score a goal, what the final score would be, and who would win the World Cup.

The project was born as a way to align Coca-Cola in a natural way with its audiences during the World Cup. There were hundreds of ways to do this, but they had all been done before. Kukla was an innovative and creative way to forge a relationship between consumers and the brand, something that had never been done before.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a fundamental axis of the Orange Economy. There are benefits to implementing it in a variety of disciplines. The panel is made up of experts, like Diego, who will discuss how emerging technologies and AI can benefit a variety of industries and companies, making them more efficient and more competitive.

“What we see, time and time again, is that applying AI makes processing much faster. The decision-making process becomes much more efficient. That’s what we want to focus on” Páramo said.

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