September 6, 2019

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Search Widget


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At EPICA we strongly believe that one of the most important steps in the B2C process, is creating a seamless customer experience by optimizing the search bar when they access the Shopify Store. The personalization of the search bar saves the consumer time and increases the conversion rate, while taking advantage of all the data that is collected every day. Statistically, search users are 4x to 6x more likely to convert than regular users and it’s important to reel them in efficiently. But, currently 70% of e-commerce searches are unable to return search results and around 20% to 30% of all searches end with no results.

The search widget is most effective when a person is already searching for a specific product, the widget saves them time and takes into consideration their personal preferences based on past searches. Through Artificial Intelligence the Machine Learning process takes all of the data and activates it in order to provide relevant results for the consumer. As an example, if a consumer comes into a Shopify Store to buy a sweater, and our Machine Learning algorithms know from their past searches that they like the color red - then, we’ll give recommendations within the search bar with red sweater options within the store.

This is a frictionless process both for the consumer and the Shopify Store owner, it allows the business to learn about their consumers and their personal likes/preferences. Take the opportunity to optimize the searches within your Shopify Store, all while taking into consideration the preferences of each consumer - by personalizing the search it guarantees an increase in sales and conversions.

EPICA allows you to unleash the powers of AI and Machine Learning algorithms in order to understand the personal behavior of each consumer and use it to your benefit - all in a simple process. Ultimately, increasing efficiency by forecasting demand and inventory planning.

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