September 6, 2019

Recommender Widget

Recommender Widget


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At EPICA we strongly believe that one of the most important steps in the B2C process, is creating a seamless customer experience by giving them recommendations in the form of “you may like” pop-ups or banners when they access the Shopify Store. Companies don’t realize the power of the data that is being collected, and 40% to 80% of e-commerce revenue is generated by search users - this data, when understood, has limitless potential. 70% of e-commerce searches are unable to return relevant results, and EPICA allows the Shopify Store owner to change this to take advantage of all the opportunities and information consumers provide. These recommendations save the consumer time and increase the conversion rate, win-win for all parties involved.

The recommender widget stays ahead of the competition by implementing the powers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Machine learning then generates clusters personalized to each audience and transfers them to the process that fuels the widget. The widget then shows consumers items that they have shown interest in before, or that an audience similar to them have seen before. When this consumer accesses your Shopify Store, the recommender widget will show, in the form of a pop-up or banner, the items that the consumer is likely to buy. It can be customized to fit the aesthetic and goal of each brand.

This is a frictionless process both for the consumer and the Shopify Store owner, it allows the business to learn about their consumers and their personal likes/preferences by automatically activating the data. Take the opportunity to anticipate consumer needs in your Shopify Store, all while taking into consideration the preferences of each - by personalizing the recommender widget it will boost sales and conversions. Ultimately, increasing efficiency by forecasting demand and inventory planning.

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