April 24, 2018

Deterministic Approach to Machine Learning and AI

Deterministic Approach to Machine Learning and AI


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Deterministic approach to machine learning

In today’s world, machine learning and artificial intelligence are usually referred as same. But that is not the truth, both are different in so many aspects. machine learning is one of these aspects. Artificial intelligence is by far divided into two approaches, statistical and deterministic to program a machine to mimic human beings. When a machine is given the data to rely on for its intelligence, it’s called the statistic or probabilistic approach. When a result is derived by the machine through a series of conditions, it’s called deterministic approach.

Human behavior in machines

Artificial intelligence is derived from the concept of making machines behave like human beings. Let’s just consider that a brand is looking for a system to look after their sales. In this case, we will need a system that should work with the portable devices, can provide references for customer care centers, all the branches, franchises and the website. To get the best results, we have to introduce the practices earned with experience at the brand with the system to achieve the best possible goals. This is the part where we can observe the basic differences between the statistical and deterministic approaches in the AI. Once we are done with the case, we will be able to appreciate their collaboration for creating a better system.

Statistical Artificial Intelligence

As its name says, statistical AI is based on statistics. For this the artificially intelligent system considers the average and the arrange the average (codify) with the best approach. A machine applying the statistical approach will work as any other human analysis, just in an automated way. Let's take the scenario we have discussed above. To resolve any customer complain AI machine will gather the result and deliver it just as any other employee. The process will be simple and statistical.

General Process of AI Statistical Approach

General Process of AI Statistical Approach

The statistical approach will always derive the results with the preference of causality, which means that such system believes in the reason according to the statistics they have gained. For example, if the machine gets to know that the total number of car accidents in the US during to fog is equal to the number of donuts police officers take in a year, the machine will resolute that the accidents during fog are because of the donuts the police officers have. So the officers should be banned from eating any donuts at all. Well, officers should avoid donuts to take care of their health, this actually has nothing to do with the road accidents that happen during the fog, totally irrelevant.

All in all an AI machine using statistical approach can perform an activity with 70% accuracy. Mostly it will deliver a correct result but, sometimes its statistics will lead to wrong answers. This type of intelligent machine is not suitable for industries where a doubt of being wrong can lead to major problems, where a result of 100% accuracy is required, such as banking, retail, transit, and medicine. But this type of AI will work effectively in marketing, advertising etc.

Deterministic Artificial Intelligence

Deterministic AI is the type of approach which uses the inference engines that are designed with the company’s finest observes. Autopilot systems are based on this technology. An autopilot will automate most of the task and will require programming by an expert directly. This technology lets the machine notify the operator when it is encountered with a task that it cannot perform. Using this approach, machines are built to be great for repetitive tasks that a human cannot perform with that accuracy. Proving itself effective with such tasks, these machines do not interfere with the more creative and complex activities.

General Process of AI Deterministic Approach

General Process of AI Statistical Approach

The question is how you can utilize a deterministic approach to sales? The answer is: the system will be programmed with the best practices of the brand. The system will do around 70% of all the task automatically (inventory availability, best seller item etc.) and the work done by the machine will be without any doubts, 100% accurate. Sectors where doubt is not affordable in results such as retail, banking, and transit etc., the deterministic approach will be the right choice to automate the tasks.

Artificial intelligence is actually why machines are built for, they are built to lessen the burden of any task they can work for. AI is growing fast, and it is bringing so many perks with itself, still, AI is not the solution for everything. A deterministic approach is not the highlight of AI by far but with human supervision and less inaccuracy, it is proven to be better in many cases.

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