February 25, 2019

Announcing the Segment and EPICA “Prediction as a Service” platform Integration

Announcing the Segment and EPICA “Prediction as a Service” platform Integration


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Well, this is awesome! After a few months of hard work, the Segment and EPICA integration is finally here!

As you may know, data is the base to create accurate and useful predictions. The more quality data you have, the better the output you’ll get from it. In other words, the success of your data prediction process relies on your data.

Fortunately, the process of extracting data from all your data points and generating predictions that drive a high impact within all areas of your organization has never been easier.

Before explaining how the integration works, we will provide a clear overview of what each company specializes in.

About Segment:

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. Segment’s key benefits are:

  • Avoids messy analytics installation process so business leaders can spend more time using data and less time tracking it down.
  • Saves engineers months spent installing and maintaining analytics tools, gives marketers the agility to try new tools and test campaigns quickly, and enables BI teams to export their raw data into internal systems and - databases.
  • Analytics, marketing automation, email, user testing, error reporting, and support tools all require the same data: who are the users and what are they doing. Without Segment, companies must instrument each tool separately, even though they send them all the same data. Segment eliminates this extra code and replaces the tool installation process.

About EPICA:

EPICA is the world's first "Prediction as a Service" platform. Powered by industry-specific machine learning algorithms, EPICA captures, processes and analyzes online and offline data sources to accurately predict customer behavior, driving a great success within companies.

EPICA’s process is easy:

EPICA’s process

EPICA can be tailored to the types of data and predictions demanded by bottom-line objectives (enhanced marketing efficiency, increased sales, increased ticket value/related-item conversions, reducing customer churn, etc.)

EPICA’s features

The Segment and EPICA "Prediction as a Service" platform integration

We are proud to announce the new Segment-EPICA platform Integration. With this integration, EPICA’s implementation and set-up process, in which we consolidate the data, will be highly optimized in terms of time and strength. This will save tons of energy to your team!

As a Segment customer, you are already sending data to Segment. Now, this data will be translated and routed to EPICA.

The Segment API is used to track user events like page views, clicks, and sign-ups on your mobile app and website. After the data is collected by Segment, turn on EPICA in the control panel.

Then Segment will:

  • Collect and store your data in one place.
  • Prepare and translate the data into a format EPICA understands.
  • Send the data to EPICA, so you never have to install tracking again.

Humanity has always wanted to be able to predict how each decision will affect the future. That’s exactly what EPICA empowers you to do. Now, with Segment and EPICA integrated, it will be easier to understand your customers, anticipate behavior and create epic value.

Find more at official Segment documentation and EPICA integration guide.

Let’s start an EPIC journey.