March 21, 2017

5 Ways AI boosts your marketing efforts

5 Ways AI boosts your marketing efforts


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often described as the new industrial revolution. It is a main component of the digital transformation of our world, a phenomenon that extends to all sorts of businesses and organizations, especially marketers.

AI’s deep capacity for learning, helps marketers harness the power of the data they have to improve analysis, find patterns, segment audiences, identify critical moments in the client’s journey, and even predict how clients will act.

In a study by the inbound marketing firm Hubspot, 70% of businesses said that taking advantage of the data they have and turning it into contacts, sales and business opportunities, is a huge a priority. The dilemma they face is how to choose the most effective option for reaching these audiences, and AI is the answer.

Do you want to want to know how? Here, we list some of the ways AI helps marketing teams to optimize the different aspects of their work and strengthen their businesses.

  1. With AI, marketers get new insights into how simple factors such as the weather, the seasons or social events, influence consumer buying habits, offering real and dynamic insights that can be incorporated into marketing plans.

  2. AI supports automation by adjusting bids according to a company’s interests and objectives, automatically and in real time. It also allows companies to target specific segments with personalized ads, in this way, all the marketing efforts go to the right audiences.

  3. With AI, companies can adjust product prices automatically through algorithms that analyze inventory and demand, increase their ROI and get the most of their business.

  4. AI allows organizations to generate content immediately by using structured data to create reports, articles and announcements, all tailored to the needs and interests of their audiences.

  5. AI can also be used to improve web design and optimize sites to be more user-friendly and attractive to a company’s target clients.

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