February 10, 2017

Five Ways AI Is Starting a Revolution in Marketing and Business

Five Ways AI Is Starting a Revolution in Marketing and Business


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The International Data Corporation (IDC) ranks cognitive computing among one of six innovation accelerators in 2017. Part of the trend toward artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing is leading the digital transformation by creating new business opportunities and revenue streams and improving the way organizations work.

Here are five reasons to embrace these new possibilities and use AI in your enterprise:

1. More precise targets

Getting to know one’s customer is a main goal of every marketer. When applied to large-scale data, AI offers a profound understanding of a company’s audience and paves the way for more effective messaging.

2. Better ads

Consumers are exposed to countless ads they never read. This overload and the prevalence of ad blockers are forcing marketers and advertisers to experiment with new formats and more creative messages. AI platforms like EPICA, combined with smart automation use, help resolve these issues, facilitating the creation of more relevant, attractive ads that reach their intended audience.

3. Smarter chatbots

It will take some time for AI to truly replace humans, but machine learning is already making online assistants smarter. By capturing valuable information about customers’ activities, questions and behaviors, they allow marketers to focus on what truly matters to consumers.

4. Total integration

AI is smart, and it’s getting easier to use. EPICA can connect data streams – CRM, social media, analytics, etc. – all in one place. The result is better insights for planning and executive departments, allowing them to optimize their efforts.

5. Easier automation

Automation spending is increasing and will continue to grow by more than 37% in the next two years, according to Econsultancy and Quantcast. Companies have recognized its efficiency and ability to reduce advertising costs. The growth of video and mobile in this area will allow them to reach audiences even more effectively in 2017.

Keeping an eye on these trends and actions will help you plan what’s next for your company. Why not give AI a chance and take the smart road toward greater business opportunities?

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