February 9, 2017

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017


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2016 was a year of change and innovation in digital marketing, including video, remarketing and real-time marketing. Even bigger changes are on their way in 2017, with the following trends promising to define how brands and marketers approach consumers:

1. Big data

Brands and companies are discovering the true value of their data and are putting it to good use. In 2017, they will be exploiting that value by discovering and understanding consumer patterns and behaviors. With this information, they will be able to tailor their digital actions to deliver more effectively.

2. Omnichannel actions

2016 was the year of mobile. This trend will only intensify, making it vital for marketers to embrace new formats and devices to reach their audiences. Omnichannel strategies are the smartest way to provide amazing customer experiences, online and off. Companies need to remember that they are dealing with human beings and strive to provide them with new surprises on their laptop and phone screens.

3. Predictive analytics

Big data is only as important as what you do with it. By powering data with artificial intelligence companies can predict behaviors, gain insights from all channels and improve ROI. Predictive analytics will be every marketer’s best friend, allowing them to focus on practical, important information.

4. Chatbots

Robots are gaining a more prominent role in our daily lives thanks to virtual assistants and chatbots. Consumers have grown accustomed with this technology thanks to Cortana and Siri; now marketers will be able to access these kinds of resources to provide better customer experiences and deliver the right messages to the right people in real time. It worked for one US presidential candidate, and it can help you as well.

5. Content marketing

Content is king, and its reign will gain strength in the years to come. But marketing isn’t just about content; it’s about being strategic, by providing relevant information and engaging experiences that meet customers’ needs and expectations. With advances in big data come better analytics and new and creative ways to reach consumers.

The panorama is promising in 2017 for marketers who want to take advantage of technological advances by using their data and resources wisely. Are you ready for these changes?

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