February 7, 2017

Big Data + AI + Automation = The Perfect Formula

Big Data + AI + Automation = The Perfect Formula


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Artificial intelligence is already part of the advertising environment, whether or not most people are aware of it. Automation harnesses the power of AI to discover changes in market behaviors and change their dynamics.

How does automation work? How can marketers reach their ideal audiences, and what makes a brand “cool” in the eyes of potential customers?

The power of big data lies not only in driving large volumes of information, but also in finding the golden needle of insight in vast haystacks of data sets. Machines can match these large data sets with marketing goals by scanning the entirety of a specific audience and determining the number of people who share the same attributes.

Looking for patterns in large volumes of information requires a deep level of insight into conversion behavior and easy access to real-time, interactive decision-making tools. This is where platforms like EPICA, can help, through algorithms that enable them to grow and change when exposed to new data.

Big data and automation are powered by AI, helping marketers in three vital areas:

  • Identifying clusters of similar audiences to get to know their behavior and deliver more informed insights.
  • Helping Big Datas enhance user data to make better marketing decisions.
  • Improving DSP bids on RTB traffic for more optimized campaigns and actions.

By applying machine learning to important data, marketers are able to find complex patterns in advertising metrics, including click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CPA), enabling them to make better decisions based on the particular insights of their businesses and audiences.

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