February 6, 2017

A Closer Look at EPICA, Our AI Platform

A Closer Look at EPICA, Our AI Platform


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We know you’re curious about EPICA, our artificial intelligence (AI) platform. EPICA learns from every process, and when you put your data in her hands, you and your business will only get smarter.

What is EPICA?

EPICA is the AI platform we provide to our clients to work with big data and create and control automation campaigns. Clients access EPICA with their own unique credentials, and the system allows for multiple users with different access and security settings. This ensures that clients control every stage of the process.

Do I have to log in to a platform?

Yes, and it is exclusively yours: our dashboards are personalized for each client. Your dashboard allows you to set up and define KPIs for your business and find your audience clusters, using EPICA’s AI capabilities combined with funnel identification by user and in total.

How does EPICA create these audience clusters?

Once you install EPICA’s tag, EPICA proceeds immediately to save relevant data, including pages visited, clicks to a video or button, data sent through a form, etc. This information is saved in the big data module Personas and stored under the tag Anonymous identities.

Once you click on an Anonymous identity, its customer journey will show grouping sessions with date, devices used and traffic attribution. EPICA uses machine-learning algorithms to create a unique cluster, grouping different identities into a Persona. This could include, for example, all users who use their desktop during the day but log in at night with their smartphones. Such parameters allow you to tailor and segment your customers as much as you want.

Can EPICA connect all my sources of information?

EPICA connects all your CRM data, databases or transactional systems using an integration process via API. That’s when she starts the onboarding process, which consists of matching anonymous identities and grouping them as an identified Persona.

What will I be able to see once all my data is integrated into EPICA?

EPICA gives you three different possibilities for viewing your information: by Attributes, Customer Journey and Devices. You’ll be able to see where in the funnel a particular persona is located and customize it according to your business goals. You can also see the exact journey of the persona as well as devices and times of use, pointing to their anonymous identities.

In the Devices tab, you’ll find the user’s device use percentage, grouping all of their identities in one. This makes automation more efficient by controlling frequency and reach.

How does EPICA make predictive analyses?

EPICA uses proprietary AI algorithms to provide prediction models of your next client. It also identifies which product you should offer them according to their previous behavior, with a score per product, device type and activation time. In some cases, EPICA will also choose the most efficient channel for conversion.

Is EPICA able to use omnichannel capabilities?

Yes! You’ll be able to activate anonymous and identified audiences using the best marketing channels: Facebook, Google, DSP, email marketing, etc. With just one click you’ll be able to sync your clusters in real time.

How about automation?

With EPICA’s syndication technology you’ll be able to activate your audiences with any publisher out of Facebook and Google. In 3 milliseconds, EPICA matches anonymous users or those from your CRM with the most important exchanges, including Google Ads, AppNexus, Rubicon and more, providing you flexibility and more possibilities.

EPICA gives marketers, executives and developers diverse tools and capabilities to make their businesses smarter. Are you interested in discovering the real power of your data?

Let’s start an EPIC journey.