February 5, 2017

PoderIO Launches EPICA, Its New AI Platform, in Latin America

PoderIO Launches EPICA, Its New AI Platform, in Latin America


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Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum, influencing thinking and plans at the corporate and entrepreneurial levels. EPICA’s artificial intelligence platform, EPICA, is designed to help make the most of this trend.

By 2020, IDC reports, investments in AI will exceed $47 billion around the world. Latin America is fertile ground for such investments and offers a wealth of opportunity for AI initiatives. EPICA understands this potential, and it’s why we decided to deploy our AI solution, EPICA, in the region.

EPICA helps marketers, executives and developers take advantage of their data by creating smarter customer clusters, bringing companies better business results.

Because integration is key when it comes to saving time, money and resources, EPICA connects with more than 400 applications, allowing you to access all of your information in one place. When it comes to automation, our platform improves the performance of digital marketing actions and translates them into ROI and better knowledge of your customer’s journey.

“EPICA is here to remove the complexities companies face in managing large volumes of information in this modern world. With EPICA, companies have better intel about their data and what to do with it.” - Diego Páramo, Co-Founder and VP of Global Sales & Partnerships, EPICA.

EPICA learns with every interaction, getting smarter and more effective by the second. The system constantly yields new insights by discovering what consumers do or do not want. EPICA has already helped hundreds of companies in industries such as retail, travel and CPG, giving them power and knowledge over their data. The numbers just keep on growing!

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