May 8, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: A Tool for Customer Satisfaction

Artificial Intelligence: A Tool for Customer Satisfaction


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In the recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm as big businesses have been investing billions of dollars, and lots of time to upgrade their technologies. Among those innovations is real-time personalization.

This kind of solution provides deep insight into every client’s past interactions and help businesses to deliver highly personalized content to their customers, along with product recommendations and marketing offers. It also helps building a strong relationship with customers by optimizing live engagement with them, by knowing what they are doing at the current moment and their preferences.

With AI, marketers can reach across borders and sell their products. Real-time personalization helps marketers in the following ways:

Profile Driving:

Real-time personalization helps markets build unified customer profiles, based on insights on client’s activity, characteristics, history and preferences. This process helps businesses increase their sales and revenue.

Manage Customer Engagement

By taking a closer look into the customer’s preferences and history, marketers can deliver more relevant experiences, leading to higher satisfaction levels. It also helps markets to examine the client’s current activity, which helps them to offer the most relevant products in real-time.

Product Price

Product pricing is the most important factor in sales. AI helps businesses to adjust their product prices, based on inquiries from customers in real-time. This allows a deeper knowledge about the customer’s behavior and preferences, and helps brands to offer the most relevant product prices in certain seasons.


Predictive analytics help businesses to offer the most relevant product to the customers based on their history and purchase patterns. This makes customers feel special and also helps businesses to increase their sales. This type of marketing usually helps online streaming companies like Netflix to recommend their viewers, specific tv shows, based on their preferences.

Customer Segmentation

Based on customer’s history, choices and preferences, marketers can categorize them into different segments. This helps marketers to focus on each segment and offer the most relevant services, which not only saves time and money but also increases the customer satisfaction. This will also aids marketers when sending detailed messages and product offers to individual customers.

Sales Forecasting

AI can also be used to forecast sales based on the information of their consumers. This will help business to maintain inventory levels and make products available at any time, avoiding any inconveniences to customers, strengthening their relationship with them.

In this age when time is money and competition is growing, marketers find in AI, a very useful technology when it comes to reaching out for their customers. AI helps marketers in providing greater experience to their customers and we can’t argue about that, right?

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