April 5, 2017

Latinos spend more than americans during easter season

Latinos spend more than americans during easter season


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  • Expenditure during this Easter week in the United States and Latin America is expected to reach $ 25 billion dollars. Retailers and the travel industry need to keep in mind these numbers.

Holy Week in Latin America (Easter in the US), is one of the most important holidays, and it’s one of the seasons that most brand take advantage of, to connect with their audiences.

The overall spend in the US and Latin America for this season is expected to reach 25 billion dollars, and most probably will beat the numbers of cyber monday, which reached 3.45 billion dollars.

According to the National Retail Federation, 81% of US citizens plan to celebrate easter this year, while in Latin American countries, holy week is celebrated by 500 million people, hence, the big spend during this week.

Most consumers, start planning their holy week 15 days before and online searches peak during those two previous weeks. Searches focus mainly on clothing, food and travel offers. Latinos usually celebrate the Holy Week (April 10-16), in which they make pilgrimages, go to church and travel to visit their families, while, in the US, consumers focus more on Easter Sunday (april 16 this year), and they dedicate it more to children, easter egg hunts and family events.

In the US, people spend an average of 146 dollars per person during easter, in Latin America each individual spends around 438 dollars, almost 3 times more due to family vacations, pilgrimages or social events. Most consumers visit family and friends (57,8%), go to church (51.3%) and have an evening out (15.6%).

Keeping these behaviors and trends in mind, helps retailers and travel industry companies to tailor their offers to what consumers may need during the seasons. Here is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture: using it you’ll be able to discover key moments in the customer journey, understand their behavior patterns and be able to offer them the product they need, at the right moment on the proper device or media outlet.

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