February 4, 2017

Welcome to EPICA

Welcome to EPICA


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Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be the stuff of science fiction, a fantastic invention we might expect to see far in the future. Already however, numerous innovations are appearing right in front of our eyes: big data, automation, machine learning, etc. All of these trends are relevant today, not only for tech companies, but also for businesses and marketers. Many companies, however, have yet to take advantage of big data’s full potential.

Inspired by today’s amazing transformations and opportunities, we created EPICA: an AI company that gives companies unprecedented decision-making power by analyzing audience behavior patterns in real time through big data.


Most artificial intelligence solutions aim to solve complex data problems. But AI has bigger and better capabilities for marketers, executives and developers. We created EPICA, our artificial intelligence platform, to harness this potential.

EPICA is an autonomous machine that requires little human intervention to work. EPICA is capable of understanding and integrating many channels - Facebook, Google, Automation, CRM, etc. - to deliver better, smarter insights about company data and how to use it.

AI is rapidly changing the business panorama, and new applications are constantly being discovered. At EPICA, we focus on increasing the efficiency of sales and marketing strategies, integrating all possible data sources for EPICA to learn from her interactions and consistently deliver new insights.

EPICA comes from the Greek word for wisdom, σοφία. At EPICA we know that while information is power, it is only as powerful as the intelligence used to process it.

EPICA is here to help organizations get better results by using their data and the knowledge it contains, making their businesses smarter.

We believe in the power of smart data. Now it’s your turn.

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