Big Data

Big data is everywhere, streaming from different sources and revealing trends and patterns in consumer behavior and interactions. In this new digital age, making the most of that data is key to doing business. EPICA, our artificial intelligence platform, can help you do just that.

EPICA organizes all of your data, allowing you to access customer profiles on the go. The system’s innovate big data manages, segments and tracks behaviors, driving more effective conversions.

EPICA’s Big Data service allows you to:

Orchestrate data:

Save efforts and keep all of your data from different sources in a single place.

Collect First-Party Data:

EPICA makes sure that you own your data so you don’t have to worry about making requests to collect, manage or analyze it.

Integrate data:

Make the most of your audience data and perform true omnichannel actions that get to the touchpoints of your customer’s journey.

Make decisions in real time:

See the big picture when it comes to your data and audiences to take advantage of opportunities anytime, anywhere.