EPICA is a pioneering technology venture that gives companies unprecedented decision-making power. It analyzes audience behavior patterns in real time through large-scale big data.

Our initiative integrates AI with Big Data and Automation to empower clients to reach their goals by managing personalized, segmented audiences.

EPICA offers smart big data solutions in travel, e-commerce, finance, CPG and education in the United States, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

Our clients:

Executive leadership

EPICA is led by a group of visionary industry experts with experience in the creation and generation of smart products and marketing.

Jorge Hernan Rodriguez

Co-Founder and CEO

Hernan is the CEO of EPICA, a machine learning and big data platform for Business-to-Consumer companies. His focus is on artificial intelligence using it to better the field of digital marketing. Hernan is an entrepreneur with considerable experience in programmatic buying, Facebook Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps, E-commerce and Software as a Service.

Alexander Gedranovich

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Alexander is the data science leader at EPICA. He is responsible for overseeing data flow architecture and insight mining, which are powered by machine learning. Before joining EPICA, Alexander worked in academia at the Belarusian State University and the Minsk Innovation University, where he was Head of the Informatics and Mathematics Department.

Diego Páramo

Co-Founder and VP, Global Sales & Partnerships

Diego is an entrepreneur and business executive who oversees EPICA’s global and regional sales. He is involved in product definition, sales strategy, and the go-to-market teams for all products. Before joining EPICA, Diego was Industry Head and Senior Sales Consultant at Google. He also served as the B2B Marketing Manager at Carvajal, and worked in business intelligence, in the logistics and pharmaceutical divisions, at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer.

Yoel Gavlovski, MBA

Co-Founder and VP of Operations and Finance

Yoel is a financial business intelligence executive. He oversees the financial operations activities to drive sustainable and profitable hyper-growth. Yoel has spent the last few years building data strategies in GDPR compliance for Top S&P 500 companies. He leads the efforts to help these companies transition to the new sharing economy (Blockchain/IOT).