Senior Software Engineer - Python



EPICA helps clients to benefit from creative personalization based on artificial intelligence.
EPICA has presence in United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, and offers intelligent solutions in the tourism, finance, retail, CPG, Tech and education industries.


Our Data Platform provides access to huge amounts of analytics data, integrates with in-house AI services and third-party services (social networks, mail delivery services, demand-side platforms).


Python, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, HBase, AWS, Docker, Nginx, Linux, Mercurial


Participate in development of microservice platform for data management and analytics.


  • Deep expertise within Python ecosystem
  • Begins to show architectural perspective
  • Able to write modular, well-tested and maintainable code without assistance
  • Fully capable of taking substantial features from concept to shipping on production
  • Leaves code in substantially better shape than before
  • Fixes bugs/regressions quickly
  • Monitors overall code quality/build failures
  • Work doesn’t need extensive review for common issues
  • Able to communicate clearly on technical topics
  • Keeps issues up-to-date with progress
  • Helps guide other merge requests to completion
  • Proposing new ideas, performing feasibility analyses and scoping the work
  • Helps set and maintain professional standards (e.g. code quality) for the entire organization

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